Martín Litwak is a lawyer and experienced subject matter expert in the areas of wealth structuring, wealth preservation and fund structuring

Martín is the founder of Untitled (formerly known as “Litwak & Partners”) and is currently the CEO of the firm.

He is also the CEO of Smart Structuring, a Blockchain platform which allows trustees to save and manage trusts in a secure, perpetual and transparent way.

Smart Structuring launched its first product, Smart Trust in January 2020.

A cum laude graduate of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1998, in 2000, he received a Master’s degree in Finance & Law from UCEMA University (Argentina). Later, his professional practice was also admitted in England and Wales and in the British Virgin Islands.

Throughout his broad professional experience, he has lived and worked for several years in Argentina, the British Virgin Islands, Uruguay, and finally settling in the United States. He has focused mainly in providing strategic consulting services to high net worth families (HNW and UHNW) in relation to the establishment and administration of fiduciary structures aimed at the solution of issues including: lack of juridical security, lack of privacy and covetous fiscal policies of the countries in which they reside as well as inheritance matters or asset protection purposes.

Martín has also established hundreds of investment funds for fund managers based throughout Latin America or having investments in Latin America.

He has been very active on multi-jurisdictional mergers & acquisitions, several types of financial transactions (venture capital, project financing, structured finance, IPOs, etc.), tax amnesties and frequently provides advice on crypto assets and Blockchain.

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Relevant experience

Martín Litwak and Untitled are now considered by peers to be a highly competent firm at an international level in providing advice to private clients and also in the establishment of investment funds.

Publications and conferences

Martín has authored and co-authored several legal articles and specialized publications in Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 2018 he published his first book: “Cómo protegen sus activos los más ricos y por qué deberíamos imitarlos. This book demystifies the so-called offshore jurisdictions, also known as “tax havens”, and at the same time offers a practical guide for efficient wealth structuring.

In 2020, he published his second book, “Tax havens and tax hells: an alternative look at offshore jurisdictions and tax competition”, about taxing issues and international taxation matters.

In this book Martín Litwak covers topics such as tax competition among countries, the use of offshore jurisdictions, and the permanent tension existing between individuals and governments regarding tax issues.

The book also deals with international wealth planning, which is so important in unstable times like those we face today. Furthermore, it includes his reflections about novel issues, such as digital services tax, regulation of crypto currencies and taxes to be paid by robots.

His third book was published in 2021 under the title: “Celebrities and wealth planning: How to avoid the perils and outfalls of wealth structuring for artists and elite athletes”, which takes us into the wealth planning issues of different celebrities, particularly worldwide artists, and athletes, resulting from their lack of planning that led to feuds of divorce and estate processes, or tax-related claims. These lessons learned are written in plain language that conveys complex ideas, providing readers with easy comprehension of cases that involved famous people.

Additionally, during the last 20 years, Martín has delivered keynote or plenary presentations at a number of regional and international seminars and conferences recognized as being “best in class” by the financial services and wealth structuring professionals including; STEP Latin America, STEP Caribbean, STEP Barbados, Inter-American Bar Association, Bolsa de Comercio del Perú, Fundación Libertad, Florida Bankers Association, Legal Week, Hedge Fund Association, Market Group, Fund Forum and Terrapin.

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International recognitions

During his extensive career, Martín has been recognized by prestigious publications such as:

  • Who’s Who Lawyers
  • Chambers & Partners
  • Legal Week
  • Legal500
  • Euromoney
  • IFLR1000

Featured recognitions