Martín Litwak has been speaking at regional and international conferences for more than 20 years

The following is a list of companies and associations who have trusted him as a speaker for their events.

Complete list
  • Aiva
  • Allaria Ledesma
  • Andbank
  • Bolsa de Comercio de Perú
  • Brum Costa
  • BVI Finance
  • Cámara Argentina de Fintech
  • Caribbean Regional Compliance Association
  • Carta Financiera
  • Citywire Americas
  • Cohen Sociedad de Bolsa
  • Credit Andorra
  • Florida Bankers Association
  • Fund Forum
  • Fundación Libertad
  • Hedge Fund Association
  • HSBC
  • Inter-American Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • JP Morgan
  • Legal Week
  • MGI Family Office Club
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Offshore Investments
  • Old Mutual
  • Research For Traders
  • STEP Barbados
  • STEP Caribbean
  • STEP Latin America
  • Terrapin
  • University of Miami

Most frequently requested topics

  • International wealth planning.
  • Offshore Jurisdictions: myths and reality.
  • Past, present and future of the Offshore Industry.
  • Fiscal transparency.
  • Information Exchange between States (CRS/FATCA).
  • Assisting private clients in the era of transparency.
  • Investment funds.
  • Regulatory issues related with crypto assets, ICOs and Blockchain.
  • Wealth planning for elite sports people.
  • Trusts: Validity and effects in Latin America.
  • Capitalism, market freedom and taxes.
  • The future of Law in the digital disruption era (AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.).
  • Fiscal competitiveness.

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