He is able to connect with audiences with different profiles, levels of experience, and knowledge.

His presentations are innovative, engaging and dynamic, quickly capturing the audience’s attention.



During the last 20 years, he has participated as a speaker in international conferences and seminars organized by different prestigious institutions including STEP Latin America, STEP Caribbean, Stock of Exchange of Peru, Fundación Libertad, Florida Bankers Association, Legal Week, Hedge Fund Association, Market Group, among others.


Why include Martín in your next conference or training

Expert with more than 20 years of professional experience.

Entertaining and provocative, a refreshing point of view.

Disruptive and innovative

Known for encouraging conversation and the exchange of ideas.

A clear understanding of concepts and the ability to convey knowledge in a simple manner.

A well-known author and columnist for a variety of media outlets.


Most frequently requested topics he regularly exposes in person and online


What kind of presentations does Martín Litwak offer



Meetings for management teams and work groups. Also, loyalty instances with preferred clients can be targeted.

Modality: online or in person Duration: between 90 and 120 minutes

Half-Day Workshop

In this type of training and exchange, we will begin with the topic or topics that each group must develop in order to achieve active participation and enriching exchange with other participants.

Modality: online or in person Duration: 4 hours

Keynote speaker

This profile is ideal for influencing, energizing, and empowering your audience at an event or conference.

Modality: online or in person Duration: Upon request

Full-Day Workshop

Training activities tailored to each organization or group's needs to train on one or more topics intensively. Instances both theoretical and practical.

Modality: in person
Duration: 8 hours


Various Sessions

Training is organized into different sessions based on the topic and/or group attending. Adapted to the target audience at 100%, the content is always close and dynamic.

Modality: in person
Duration: upon request



  • “I enjoyed attending Martín's talk very much; if you get the chance to listen to him, I recommend you do so. His contributions to estate planning and financial education, in general, are very interesting." Wealth planning for celebrities, presentation assistant
  • “He has become one of the most relevant presenters in the Spanish language regarding issues related to tax havens and wealth planning, which have led him to be a constant source of consultation for the media throughout the Americas.” Hernán Dobry, journalist
  • “I think the topics it deals with are very interesting, the best thing about it is everything that leaves you thinking after each presentation.” Wealth planning for celebrities, presentation assistant
  • “He has a great combination of technical expertise, clear didactics, and a natural ability to relate to people. I found it to be one of the best programs I have taken in recent years." CEMA University diploma student



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