Tax havens and tax hells

An alternative look at offshore jurisdictions and tax competition

This book covers topics such as tax competition among countries, the use of offshore jurisdictions, and the permanent tension existing between individuals and governments regarding tax issues

Paraísos fiscales e infiernos tributarios: una mirada diferente sobre las jurisdicciones offshore y la competencia fiscal

In his second book, published in 2020, Martín Litwak explains —in colloquial language— the history of several taxes, which we currently see as immovable, but actually they are neither so old nor flawless.

The book also deals with international wealth planning, which is so important in unstable times like those we face today. Furthermore, it includes his reflections about novel issues, such as digital services tax, regulation of crypto currencies and taxes to be paid by robots.

No expert knowledge is required to understand the taxing issues and international taxation matters since —as always— Martin Litwak speaks for the general public.  After all, we are all subject to the increasing fiscal voracity of modern states.

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