Martín Litwak

Lawyer, entrepreneur, author and speaker

Martín Litwak is a lawyer, entrepreneur, author, speaker and subject matter expert in the areas of wealth structuring and wealth preservation for HNW and UHNW families and individuals, fund structuring and WealthTech.

He is also a sought-after speaker at regional and international conferences and seminars.

He is the author of several articles and specialized publications in Latin America, United Kingdom and United States; in 2018 he published his first book.

Experience as a speaker

An internationally recognized speaker, Martín has over a decade of experience engaging, connecting with attendees and delegates at conferences and events in Latin America and beyond. His topics are wide ranging and encompass many of the most critical issues facing financial services, wealth structuring and wealth management professionals today.

  • International wealth planning.
  • Offshore Jurisdictions: myths and reality.
  • Past, present and future of the Offshore Industry.
  • Fiscal transparency.
  • Information Exchange between States (CRS/FATCA).
  • Assisting private clients in the era of transparency.
  • Investment funds.
  • Regulatory issued related with crypto assets, ICOs and Blockchain.
  • Wealth planning for elite sports people.
  • Trusts: validity and effects in Latin America.
  • Capitalism, market freedom and taxes.
  • The future of Law in the digital disruption era (AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.).
  • Fiscal competitiveness.

Social media and beyond

One of the early adopters of social media, Martín’s social feeds are robust and growing everyday. He posts multiple times daily on Twitter and LinkedIn and his followers engage with him frequently through these channels.

By the end of 2021, Martín has over 69,000 Twitter followers, over 14,600 on Instagram, 2,680 YouTube subscribers and 29,000 LinkedIn connections, many of whom are influencers and opinion leaders in the sectors in which he is recognized.

In addition to his outstanding social media presence, he is frequently invited to appear on TV and radio programs and he also provides guest editorial for Op Ed and opinion columns in several mass media outlets in Latin America and the United States.

Deportistas y patrimonios, una relación complicada
La Nación
April 2019

Cómo cambia la planificación patrimonial en tiempos de coronavirus

April 2020

Argentina es un infierno tributario, es uno de los países con mayor presión fiscal del mundo
January 2020

Published books

Celebrities and wealth planning: how to avoid the perils and outfalls of wealth structuring for artists and elite athletes

This book, which is a “do’s and don’ts” for effective wealth planning, explores the complications faced by celebrities in this area and shares real-life examples from Jeff Bezos to Britney Spears, and from Shakira, Messi, or Ronaldo to Diego Armando Maradona to understand better all the possible problems and contingencies and how to solve them or, better yet, avoid them.

Tax havens and tax hells: an alternative look at offshore jurisdictions and tax competition (2020)

This book covers topics such as tax competition among countries, the use of offshore jurisdictions, and the permanent tension existing between individuals and governments regarding tax issues.

How wealthiest people protect their assets and why we should do the same (2018)

Designed to demystify the so-called “offshore jurisdictions”, also known as “tax havens”, this book, at the same time offers a practical guide for efficient wealth structuring.