How to avoid errors commonly incurred by artists and elite athletes

With this book, readers will discover the wealth issues suffered by celebrities –due to processes involving divorces, the resolution of estates, and tax-related claims– that resulted from a lack of planning. This is a situation shared by the famous of all countries, who, in most cases, lack the knowledge and the information necessary to take care of these aspects on their own, and end up delegating the task to others, often close relatives, who also lack such knowledge.

Beyond normal curiosity, their stories may also be taken as a lesson learnt for all.

This book is also interesting to professionals who work with celebrities (such as lawyers, managers, and finance consultants) since it includes a detailed analysis by Martín Litwak of the mistakes made by those celebrities and the various alternatives they could have resorted for avoiding those errors. To anyone responsible for decision-making, the book provides a clear outlook to plan their clients’ present, while preventing them from future headaches, or at least.

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